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Eternal Uprising OP

Eternal Uprising OP

Become the hero of the apocalypse and restore the ruined world!

A dark fantasy card game populated with powerful gods, angels, and monsters known as Legends. Assemble the most powerful Legends and restore the world from the grasp of the Seven Sin Demons!

In a world without heroes, the dark nature of man has led to chaos and despair. As sinners spread their influence, they gave birth to the 7 Demons, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. But all hope has not been lost! The Oracle Marianne has scoured the earth for the chosen heroes, who together will defeat the Seven Sins and restore balance to the world. Surrounded by darkness,you must embark on a perilous journey to bring light back to the world and revive the once great civilization of mankind!

★ SUMMON LEGENDS Embark on epic quests to encounter and recruit Legends, or summon rare and powerful Legends to enhance your troops!

★ BATTLE FOR EXOTIC TREASURE Fight opponents and take the treasure you desire! Assemble treasure collections to get great rewards!

★ EVOLVE YOUR LEGENDS Evolve Legends into higher lifeforms with amazing strength, defense and attack!

★ BATTLE WITH YOUR GUILD Team up with a guild and work together to defeat special events, gain the top rank, and earn awesome rewards! [1]

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